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Travel photos that defy perspective

by CNN // October 30, 2014 // Updated 16:36 GMT // 0 Comments

Bored with taking the same, tired poses at monuments on their trip to Egypt in 2010, Alla Shubina and her husband began tinkering with perspective to create clever, funny photos. They left Egypt with some memorable pictures and the start of a new travel tradition. “The tour guides take you to certain areas to take […]

Bode Miller: Ski star’s horse racing dream

by CNN // October 30, 2014 // Updated 12:37 GMT // 0 Comments

“The people in horse racing don’t see it at all. They think it’s crazy, they think it’s like voodoo and magic, and for us it’s just normal stuff.” In Miller’s experience, success can be achieved by the smallest of margins. Winless for two years and dogged by injury, it was a heart-in-mouth moment when he […]

Avian Flu Fast Facts

by CNN // October 29, 2014 // Updated 16:21 GMT // 0 Comments

The official name for the most commonly seen and most deadly form of the virus is called “Influenza A (H5N1),” or the “H5N1 virus.” In March 2013, a strain of bird flu previously not seen in humans – H7N9 – was detected in China. People have killed hundreds of millions of birds around the world […]

Gino Bartali: The man who helped save Italy’s Jews

by CNN // October 29, 2014 // Updated 12:26 GMT // 0 Comments

In the 1930s, Bartali, a son of Tuscany, was one of the leading cyclists in the world, a man admired by all. He had won three Giro d’Italia titles — one of the three major European cycling events — in addition to his triumph at the 1938 Tour de France and was very much the […]

Lisa Ling: The dangerous seduction of a rich boyfriend

by CNN // October 28, 2014 // Updated 13:31 GMT // 0 Comments

A lot of my friends, however, were beginning to settle down and I started to feel like something was wrong with me for not being able to even fathom doing the same. That’s not to say I wasn’t happy with where I was: I loved my work and I loved the woman I had become. […]

test for fb

by The Huffington Post // October 23, 2014 // Updated 21:15 GMT // 0 Comments

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Glamour and grieving: How the Victorians dressed for death

by CNN // October 22, 2014 // Updated 13:34 GMT // 0 Comments

During the Victoria era, mourning rivaled weddings in terms of pomp, etiquette and fashiona theme explored at the latest exhibition at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire focuses on the boom years of the mourning industry, from 1815 to 1915, when the rich and middle […]

Oscar Pistorius: Reeva Steenkamp: Model, law graduate

by CNN // October 21, 2014 // Updated 10:01 GMT // 0 Comments

Pistorius has admitted to shooting Steenkamp but says he mistook her for an intruder. The judge ruled that he’ll serve a maximum five-year prison term for the killing, to run concurrently with a three-year sentence — suspended for five years — on the gun charge. Beauty and brains Before she started dating Pistorius, Steenkamp was […]

I’m a feminist and I converted to Islam

by CNN // October 14, 2014 // Updated 12:47 GMT // 0 Comments

I am a Muslim, but I wasn’t always. I converted to Islam in November 2001, two months after 9/11. I was 21 and living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was a bad time to be a Muslim. But after four years of studying, poking and prodding at world religions and their adherents, I decided to […]

Creating the sound of showjumping: ‘Microphones on anything that moves’

by CNN // October 10, 2014 // Updated 10:56 GMT // 0 Comments

Baxter is best-known for his work at the Olympic Games, tackling the timbre of dozens of disciplines to captivate global audiences, winning multiple Emmy Awards. He is the man who first gave you the sound of arrows fizzing through the air in archery, thanks to his brainwave of microphones between the archer and the target. […]