Bridenstine previews conservative opposition to Boehner

Rep. Jim Bridenstine, a conservative critic of House Speaker John Boehner, says he'll be voting for somebody else when lawmakers return to Washington.

On Friday, Rep. Jim Bridenstine pointed to Boehner’s moves in December to advance a measure favored by President Barack Obama to fund the government for the next 10 months.

“Speaker Boehner went too far when he teamed with Obama to advance this legislation. He relinquished the power of the purse, and with it he lost my vote,” Bridenstine said in a statement.

Rep. Thomas Massie said Saturday he too would not support Boehner and said he opposed the way Boehner steered legislation the House floor, in some instances without a full 72 hours for lawmakers to read enormous bills.

If 30 or more Republicans do oppose Boehner, that would mean another round of voting, with conservatives hoping Boehner would drop out of the running and Boehner’s allies likely heaping immense pressure on the hold-outs.

CNN’s Ted Barrett contributed to this report

Source: CNN (4265 Articles)
Written by Eric Bradner