Cuba releases 53 political prisoners

Cuba has freed all 53 political prisoners it had promised to release as part as an historic rapprochement with the United States, a U.S. official said.

The names of the prisoners were not given.

The move comes as part of a deal announced December 17 to normalize relations between the United States and Cuba.

According to Amnesty, which cited the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, 8,899 short-term detentions were reported last year, compared with 6,424 in 2013.

“The good will expressed by the Cuban authorities with this series of releases must absolutely translate into the implementation of a new human rights agenda. Respect for freedom of expression, assembly and association must be the next step if the Cuban authorities want to keep their credibility in the face of a world which is watching them,” the Americas director said.

Source: CNN (4265 Articles)
Written by By Dana Ford and Juan Carlos Lopez