Has Netanyahu gone too far?

By injecting himself into U.S. politics, the Israeli prime minister puts at risk a 67-year relationship between two countries.

Netanyahu is driven not only by his concerns about Iran’s nuclear threatthe topic of his addressbut also by domestic political considerations.

Israel will hold its national elections just two weeks after his visit to Washington. Netanyahu is fighting for his political life as he faces a tougher than expected re-election campaign. He has been widely blamed at home for having failed to lower the high cost of living, an issue that his rivals have eagerly exploited.

Netanyahu has tried to offset some of this criticism by focusing on his perennial issue: Iran. A major televised address in Washington concerning Iran’s threat, interrupted only by standing ovations from American lawmakers, has the potential to be far more effective than any campaign ad in projecting gravitas, reinforcing his security credentials and reminding voters of his vast experience — in contrast to his rivals’ inexperience — in foreign affairs.

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Source: CNN (4265 Articles)
Written by Guy Ziv