How to end child poverty in America

California’s Silicon Valley is one of the most prosperous places in the United Stateshome to tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Apple.

Yet even this region isn’t immune from the scourge of child poverty.

I visited Silicon Valley in November for CNN’s Change the List series. Readers of this website voted for me to do a story on child poverty. There, I found children living in tents, homeless shelters — even a garage, which I found particularly ironic given that Google and Apple link their company origins to garages in this valley south of San Francisco.

Instead of going on about all that’s wrong with Silicon Valley and this country as a whole, where one in five kids lives below the poverty line, I want to bring some good news: We can fix this.

Child poverty isn’t inevitable.

For more info, read this op-ed: “The argument for the basic income.”

What you can do: Start a petition asking Congress to sponsor a “basic income” bill.

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Source: CNN (4265 Articles)