Key Facts About Jodi Arias Murder Case

The Jodi Arias legal saga has dragged on for nearly seven years and had no shortage of eye-catching moments. It started with a gruesome killing, continued with a series of bizarre post-arrest interviews by Arias, and became a full-blown sensation during a more than four-month trial.

The most recent phase of the case — a trial to determine whether Arias gets life in prison or death — has played out more quietly. The judge barred live coverage of the proceedings, and the case shifted to primarily expert-driven testimony about Arias’ mental state and upbringing.

As the jury decides Arias’ fate, here are some key facts in the case:

Much of the case focused on an effort by the defense to portray Arias as a victim of abuse by her family as a child and Alexander as an adult. Their goal was to win sympathy from the jury and get a life sentence instead of death. Prosecutors cast her as manipulative, deceitful and lacking remorse for the crime.


The jury of four men and eight women has two choices: life or death. If they decide life, the judge will decide whether Arias is eligible for release after 25 years. If another deadlock occurs, the death penalty would automatically be removed as an option. Arias would be one of only three women on death row in Arizona if the jury decides on death. Jury deliberated for about three hours Wednesday and was scheduled to resume work Thursday.