South Korean Who Killed 5 Fellow Soldiers Is Sentenced to Die

The 23-year-old sergeant, who said he had been bullied, attacked soldiers in his unit with a rifle and a hand grenade in June.

SEOUL, South Korea — A South Korean Army sergeant was sentenced to death on Tuesday for killing five of his fellow conscripts and wounding seven others in a shooting rampage in June.

In recent years, the military has come under harsh scrutiny for disciplinary problems, with bloodshed occasionally erupting within the ranks. In 2005, an army private who had been hazed by his superiors killed eight fellow soldiers in a front-line army unit. In 2011, a corporal bullied by fellow marines went on a shooting rampage at a base near the maritime border with North Korea, killing four. Last April, a 20-year-old private died after being repeatedly bullied and beaten by other soldiers.

Source: The New York Times (1551 Articles)
Written by Choe Sang-Hun