A Surgery Standard Under Fire

by The New York Times // March 3, 2015 // Updated 06:11 GMT // 0 Comments

The New Old Age By PAULA SPAN (Martin Leon Barreto) What she wanted, the patient told the geriatricians evaluating her, was to be able to return to her condominium in Boston. She had long lived there on her own, lifting weights to keep fit and doing her own grocery shopping, until a heart condition worsened […]

CUNY Will Refund Thousands Of Tuition Dollars To Immigrants

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 22:28 GMT // 0 Comments

NEW YORK (AP) — City University of New York is returning thousands of dollars to about 150 immigrant students who live illegally in the U.S. and overpaid for their tuition.City University of New York student Monica Sibri, right, speaks during an interview as student Freddy Vicuna listens in the school cafeteria, Friday, Feb. 27, 2015, […]

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Changes Controversial Tagline For Season 7

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 22:13 GMT // 0 Comments

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” is about to unleash some new drag slang into the world. – “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season seven kicks off on Monday, March 2 at 9pm ET on Logo. For more info, head here.

LA police shooting: What we know and don’t know

by CNN // March 2, 2015 // Updated 21:58 GMT // 0 Comments

Because the man appears in the four-minute video to be on his back on the ground when shots are fired, some have blasted the police, saying excessive force was used. The police, who said they were answering a call about a robbery, have said they are investigating the incident. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck […]

Language Experts Make An Interesting Case For Why Obamacare Will Be Preserved

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 21:14 GMT // 0 Comments

WASHINGTON — It’s difficult to think of when so much has ever ridden on the interpretation of just six words. But that’s how things stand in the twisted, tortured legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act now before the Supreme Court.The Supreme Court will hear a lawsuit challenging Obamacare subsidies on March 4. (Photo by […]

The health risks of cyberbullying in college

by CNN // March 2, 2015 // Updated 20:17 GMT // 0 Comments

Infamous quotes from famous cases of teenage cyberbullying, each ending tragically with the victim taking her life. Heartbreaking cases like these galvanized research and today much more is known about the damaging effects of cyberbullying among middle and high school studentsincluding an increased risk for depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, hostility and delinquency. What about […]

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Speech Deepens Rift Between U.S., Israel And American Jews

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 20:06 GMT // 0 Comments

WASHINGTON (RNS) American Jewish leaders and activists are worried about widening political divisions between Israel and the White House sparked by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial address to Congress on Tuesday despite strident objections by President Obama.WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 02: In this handout provided by the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) Israeli Prime […]

More Than 100 Surfers Gather To Help Grieving Mother Say Goodbye To Her Son

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 19:26 GMT // 0 Comments

Six months before Johannes Erben’s death, he watched a movie about surfers from Hawaii. An avid surfer and snowboarder himself, he was touched by one scene in particular: a paddle-out memorial for a surfer in Maui. He told his mother about it and said he hoped someone would do that for him someday. When Johannes […]

In France, Pesticides Get in Way of Natural Wines

by The New York Times // March 2, 2015 // Updated 18:17 GMT // 0 Comments

TOURS, France — The task ahead of me was a two-day tasting marathon of wines with a welter of confusing labels: natural, organic, organic practice and biodynamic. But for Jean Bardet, a semiretired chef with two Michelin stars to his name, there was little confusion about the worthiness of such bottles. Visitors to La Dive […]

Who are these ‘Power/Rangers’ guys?

by CNN // March 2, 2015 // Updated 17:58 GMT // 0 Comments

“And I got into trouble,” he added. “Because the parents were like, ‘This guy, he’s ruining our children!’ “ That was more than 20 years ago for Shankar. But the producer, now 30, got his wish when his dark version of the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” directed by friend Joseph Kahn, made it online — […]

‘Good Wife’ follows GOP’s Twitter play

by CNN // March 2, 2015 // Updated 17:49 GMT // 0 Comments

Sunday’s episode of “The Good Wife,” a CBS show about the travails of a political spouse, revealed that staffers on Florrick’s campaign for Cook County State’s Attorney used anonymous Twitter accounts to secretly share polling information with a political action committee. If that sounds familiar, it should. – In real life, Republicans never talked publicly […]

‘Who’s The Boss Of Wall Street?’ Mashup Could Be An Actual ’80s Sitcom

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 17:22 GMT // 0 Comments

All the ’80s you could ask for. What could be more ’80s than a mashup of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” a film about the financial and drug-using excesses of Wall Street stockbrokers, and the upbeat, cheesy theme song of “Who’s the Boss?”

Russell Tovey Angers Fans With Controversial Remarks On Effeminate Men

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 17:14 GMT // 0 Comments

“Looking” star Russell Tovey is feeling the heat after making controversial remarks about masculinity in a new interview. The 33-year-old actor, who is openly gay, spoke to The Guardian about “Banished,” his new series about 18th century British convicts who have been deported to an Australian penal colony. LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 25: Russell Tovey […]

You Can Watch ‘Citizenfour’ Online Right Now For Free

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 17:09 GMT // 0 Comments

“Citizenfour,” the Oscar-winning documentary about Edward Snowden’s 2013 NSA leaks, is now available to watch online for free via Thought Maybe. (The full movie can be streamed below.) Thought Maybe The film, directed by Laura Poitras, is still out in limited release and can also be found on HBO Go — the premium network broadcast […]

Covert ‘Body Sculptor’ Faces Severe Prison Time For Fatal Butt Injections

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 15:34 GMT // 0 Comments

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — An aspiring hip-hop artist who boasts about her talent for underground “body sculpting” has one last chance to impress a jury before the panel weighs murder charges against her in a dancer’s death.FILE – This undated file photo provided by the Philadelphia Police Department shows Padge Gordon, also known as Padge Victoria […]

John Oliver Explains How America’s Neglected Infrastructure Is Like A Lego Set

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 15:02 GMT // 0 Comments

If you weren’t aware that U.S. roads, bridges and dams are in serious state of disrepair, allow John Oliver to put it plainly: “We aren’t just flirting with disaster, we’re rounding third base and asking if disaster has any condoms.” – To top it off, Oliver presents a trailer for a new kind of summer […]

Meet Mernet Larsen, A 75-Year-Old Painter Who’s Hosting Her First Art Show In L.A.

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 13:55 GMT // 0 Comments

Sit-ups Leg-lifts, 2012 Acrylic, string, and tracing paper on canvas 46.25 x 60.25 in Reading Tolstoy in bed. Exercising on a sea foam green mat. Enjoying pizza and beer with old friends. These are the humdrum subjects crystallized in Mernet Larsen’s paintings. Through Larsen’s gaze, the everyday happenings stretch and warp into uncanny structures you […]

‘How To Snog Without Getting Hogwarts’: Boston University Offers ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Sex-Ed Class

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 08:45 GMT // 0 Comments

Boston University is teaching students about safe sex and sexual health with a little bit of help from none other than wizard extraordinaire Harry Potter. Last week, as part of “Frisky February,” a monthlong series of sexual health-related events at the university, students were invited to participate in “Sex-Ed at Hogwarts,” an interactive, “Harry Potter”-themed […]

North Korea Launches 2 Missiles Into Sea to Protest U.S. War Games With South

by The New York Times // March 2, 2015 // Updated 06:27 GMT // 0 Comments

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea flouted United Nations resolutions on Monday by launching two Scud-type ballistic missiles toward the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, as the United States and South Korea started their annual joint military drills. The two missiles, believed to be Scud-C missiles, took off from near Nampo, a coastal […]

Apple’s New Job: Selling a Smartwatch to an Uninterested Public

by The New York Times // March 2, 2015 // Updated 03:48 GMT // 0 Comments

SAN FRANCISCO — For Apple, the hard part — making a smartwatch — is nearly over. Soon it will be time for the harder part: selling the long-anticipated Apple Watch to consumers who, so far, are not very excited about the idea of wearing computers on their bodies. Timothy D. Cook, the chief executive of […]

The Spiritual Allure Of Dr. Ben Carson

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 02:34 GMT // 0 Comments

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Other speakers had rowdier receptions and larger followings. But few who appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference this past week had an emotional pull on the audience quite like Dr. Ben Carson. Ben Carson arrives to speak during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md., Thursday, Feb. […]

Data Security Is Becoming the Sparkle in Bitcoin

by The New York Times // March 2, 2015 // Updated 01:31 GMT // 0 Comments

Some couples opt for a traditional wedding, while others go for the Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. But David Mondrus and Joyce Bayo may be the first to have incorporated Bitcoin. The offices of, a start-up that helps developers build Bitcoin applications. (Jim Wilson/The New York Times) Before about 50 guests at a Walt […]

Eating Disorder Recovery As Spiritual Transformation (All Together Podcast)

by The Huffington Post // March 2, 2015 // Updated 00:27 GMT // 0 Comments

Welcome to the latest ALL TOGETHER — the podcast dedicated to exploring how ethics, religion and spiritual practice inform our personal lives, our communities and our world. ALL TOGETHER is hosted this week by Antonia Blumberg, associate editor of HuffPost Religion. You can download All Together on iTunes, or Stitcher. Courtesy of Chelsea Roff An […]

North Korea fires two missiles into sea, South Korea says

by CNN // March 1, 2015 // Updated 23:21 GMT // 0 Comments

The missiles were fired from North Korea’s west coast toward the sea east of the Korean Peninsula around 6:30 a.m. and 6:40 a.m. Monday (4:30 p.m. and 4:40 p.m. ET Sunday), the official said. They were fired from an area near Nampo City, located about 60 kilometers (37 miles) southwest of Pyongyang. The two projectiles […]

Netanyahu to lay out elements of Iran deal, urge pushing back deadline

by CNN // March 1, 2015 // Updated 23:18 GMT // 0 Comments

A senior Israeli official traveling in Netanyahu’s delegation, who was not authorized to speak on the record, said the Israeli government had “a good understanding of the agreement we can draw conclusions from.” “We know what we know. And believe me, we know a lot of information about this agreement,” the official told reporters aboard […]

Gray Matter

by The New York Times // March 1, 2015 // Updated 23:00 GMT // 0 Comments

As one of America’s most successful and prolific documentary filmmakers, Alex Gibney has made a career of exploring the shadowy contradictions in human behavior, the porous boundaries between good and bad. People are strange, and there is an endless variety of strangeness for Gibney to tackle. His latest film, “Going Clear,” lays bare the operatic […]

WH, groups outraged by anti-Susan Rice genocide ad

by CNN // March 1, 2015 // Updated 20:19 GMT // 0 Comments

The ad, claiming “Susan Rice has a blind spot: Genocide,” appeared in Saturday’s paper promoting a talk by American Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. He claims that Rice has sought to silence Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of his address to Congress. READ: Will Netanyahu’s speech to Congress backfire? A senior administration official at the White […]

Bathing Parrot Turns On Faucet And Keeps Up Pressure Just The Way She Likes It

by The Huffington Post // March 1, 2015 // Updated 19:07 GMT // 0 Comments

Miss Iris the parrot has learned a thing or two about personal hygiene in her 13 years. For one, she likes to shower in the sink and prefers to do it herself. Watch her turn on the faucet and nudge up the water pressure as needed. Cutest bird bath ever?

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