Singer Gary Glitter Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison For Sexually Abusing Young Girls

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 17:00 GMT // 0 Comments

Former pop star Gary Glitter has received a 16-year prison sentence after being convicted of sexually abusing three young girls in the 1970s. LONDON, ENGLAND – JANUARY 13: Gary Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, arrives at Southwark Crown Court on January 13, 2015 in London, England. The former glam rock star is charged with several […]

Kashif Parvaiz Guilty Of Setting Up Wife’s Death While On Walk With Son

by The Huffington Post // February 26, 2015 // Updated 18:23 GMT // 0 Comments

A New York City man was convicted Thursday of setting up the fatal shooting of his wife while the couple was on a walk with one of their young sons in New Jersey. A jury deliberated for less than four hours before convicting Kashif Parvaiz of scheming with his girlfriend to kill his wife and […]

81-Year-Old Gets Suspended Sentence for Printing Fellow Mao Survivors’ Stories

by The New York Times // February 25, 2015 // Updated 11:18 GMT // 0 Comments

HONG KONG — An 81-year-old survivor of Mao’s purges was tried and convicted in southwestern China along with his assistant on Wednesday, with both receiving suspended sentences for publishing the memoirs of people who were persecuted nearly 60 years ago for criticizing the Communist Party. Tie Liu, the publisher, and Huang Jing, a domestic worker […]

Prominent Egyptian activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah sentenced to 5 years

by CNN // February 24, 2015 // Updated 04:29 GMT // 0 Comments

The case dates back to November 2013 when the controversial protest law was issued by the government. Dozens demonstrated against the military trial of civilians outside the Shoura Council where the committee writing the country’s constitution was meeting. Police later dispersed the crowd and arrested dozens of activists. – Abdel-Fattah, one of the leading opposition […]

Scanadu: The medical Tricorder from Star Trek is here

by CNN // February 12, 2015 // Updated 17:00 GMT // 0 Comments

In other words, he was pitching the legendary Tricorder from Star Trek, even naming it after Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, the blue-clad, very irritable medical officer from the 1960s show. It was a scam. The device didn’t exist, and the man was caught and convicted for his crimes. But as a testimony to how quickly […]

Former Korean Air Executive Gets 1-Year Sentence in ‘Nut Rage’ Episode

by The New York Times // February 12, 2015 // Updated 07:57 GMT // 0 Comments

SEOUL, South Korea — A former Korean Air vice president who ordered a plane back to its gate in a fit of anger over how she had been served macadamia nuts was convicted Thursday of violating aviation law and sentenced to one year in prison. Cho Hyun-ah, a former Korean Airlines executive who flew into a […]


by The New York Times // February 11, 2015 // Updated 21:34 GMT // 0 Comments

ROME — An Italian court convicted Francesco Schettino, the captain of the cruise liner that capsized in 2012 and left 32 people dead, on Wednesday and sentenced him to just over 16 years in prison for his role in the maritime disaster, one of the worst in modern Italian history. Captain Francesco Schettino, who was […]

Belgian court jails Islamist group leader for 12 years

by CNN // February 11, 2015 // Updated 10:53 GMT // 0 Comments

Nackaerts said other members of the group had also been convicted. Belgian authorities last month carried out a series of counter-terror raids on suspected jihadist cells amid fears that they were plotting an imminent attack on Belgian soil.

Watch What Makes Former Vanderbilt Football Player Convicted Of Rape Cry (VIDEO)

by The Huffington Post // February 6, 2015 // Updated 21:44 GMT // 0 Comments

In the video above, Dr. Phil asks Corey Batey, the former Vanderbilt University football player who was just convicted of aggravated rape and aggravated sexual battery of a fellow female student: “Did you fail your mother?” Watch how the 21-year-old Batey, who is in a Nashville prison while he awaits sentencing, responds.

Former pop star Gary Glitter convicted of child sex abuse

by CNN // February 6, 2015 // Updated 09:21 GMT // 0 Comments

The 70-year-old Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was convicted Thursday of one count of attempted rape of a girl under the age of 13, one count of having sex with a girl under the age of 13, and four counts of indecent assault against girls, two aged under 13 and two aged under […]

Lindsay Hoffmann And Companion Left Baby In Frigid Car To Enter Sex Store: Cops

by The Huffington Post // February 5, 2015 // Updated 22:07 GMT // 0 Comments

A woman in Waterbury, Connecticut, is behind bars after police discovered her two-week-old baby in a freezing car clad only in a onesie. The car was parked outside of the VIP — short for Very Intimate Pleasures — an adult novelties store in Southington. – Both suspects have previous criminal records. Hoffman was convicted of […]

SCOTUS puts temporary hold on Texas execution

by CNN // February 5, 2015 // Updated 17:52 GMT // 0 Comments

Bower was convicted in 1984 of taking part in the murder of four men while attempting to steal an ultra-light aircraft. The state argues that Bower was “properly convicted and sentenced to die” for the brutal murders of Bobby Tate, Philip Good, Ronald Mayes and Jerry Brown. – The Court will likely consider the case […]

Egyptian court sentences 183 to death

by CNN // February 2, 2015 // Updated 12:30 GMT // 0 Comments

The defendants had been convicted of murdering 11 police officers and two civilians in the district of Kerdasa last August. That attack followed a crackdown by security forces on supporters of former President Mohamed Morsy, which left hundreds of people dead.

Saudi blogger’s 2nd round of flogging postponed again

by CNN // January 30, 2015 // Updated 13:42 GMT // 0 Comments

The case of Badawi, who was sentenced last year to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes after a Jeddah court convicted him of insulting Islam, has garnered international headlines and global outrage. – CNN’s Victoria Eastwood reported from Jeddah. CNN’s Jason Hanna wrote in Atlanta. CNN’s Ashley Fantz contributed to this report.

Kendrick Johnson’s parents convicted but not jailed for protest

by CNN // January 28, 2015 // Updated 20:59 GMT // 0 Comments

Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson and five family members were convicted of interference with government property for blocking the entrance to the Lowndes County Courthouse in Valdosta, Georgia, and blocking access to the security checkpoint inside the building. – In October 2013, the U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, Michael Moore, launched a federal […]

Warren Hill Executed Despite Being Labeled Intellectually Disabled

by The Huffington Post // January 28, 2015 // Updated 01:18 GMT // 0 Comments

A man convicted in the killing of a fellow inmate has been executed in Georgia despite claims by his lawyers that he was intellectually disabled. Warren Lee Hill was put to death by injection of a single drug Tuesday at the state prison in Jackson. The 52-year-old was pronounced dead at 7:55 p.m. He did […]

Former CIA Agent Jeffrey Sterling Convicted For Leaking Information To New York Times Reporter

by The Huffington Post // January 26, 2015 // Updated 20:39 GMT // 0 Comments

A jury has convicted a former CIA officer of leaking classified details of an operation to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions to a New York Times reporter. – Sterling denied leaking anything to Risen, and said it was more likely Risen learned about the mission from Senate staffers who had been briefed on it.

Man Who Fathered Child With 11-Year-Old Gets 15 Years

by The Huffington Post // January 25, 2015 // Updated 13:40 GMT // 0 Comments

LOCKPORT, N.Y. (AP) — A convicted sex offender was sentenced to 15 years in prison for fathering a child with an 11-year-old girl in western New York. – Judge Sara Sheldon also imposed 20 years of post-release supervision for Berry, saying, “This is in essence a life sentence.”

Flogging delayed for Saudi activist

by CNN // January 16, 2015 // Updated 12:55 GMT // 0 Comments

Saudi Arabian rights activist Raif Badawi will not be flogged Friday for medical reasons, his wife said. Badawi, convicted on charges that included insulting Islam, had been scheduled to receive the second of 20 sentenced floggings after Friday prayers in Jeddah. He received the first flogging on January 9. – Badawi was convicted in 2014 […]

For Paris attackers, terror ties ran deep

by CNN // January 13, 2015 // Updated 01:23 GMT // 0 Comments

The documents show that Amedy Coulibaly and Cherif Kouachi were close associates and go into explicit detail on how the two Paris attackers plotted to stage a prison break to free a fellow terrorist in 2010. Coulibaly, who is accused of killing a French police officer and killing four more people at a kosher grocery […]