White House changes immunization funding

With 102 cases of measles reported across 14 states, the White House may have picked a bad time to call for decreased funding from a key immunization program.

The White House budget, released on Monday, cuts $50 million from the Department of Health and Human Services’ 317 Program.

The 317 Program provides vaccines at no cost to underinsured and uninsured children and adults, as well as insured adults as part outbreak response and disaster relief. It also funds infrastructure to assure high immunization coverage.

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The White House, however, does not advocate for mandated vaccinations.

When asked whether states should require vaccines by law, press secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday the President “believes it shouldn’t require a law for people to exercise common sense and do the right thing.”

“There is an element of common sense that needs to be applied here because the science and the expert guidance that we get from our public health professionals is crystal clear,” Earnest said.

Source: CNN (4265 Articles)
Written by Betsy Klein and Jim Acosta