Why I want the power to go out

A snow day is the perfect -- and rare -- excuse to veg out, bond with family and unplug from the screens that rule our lives.

I was delighted to hear that you are not only sending a storm to the Northeast, but a “historic” storm with 58 million people in its path. Schools are closing, flights are canceled and a state of emergency has been declared. People are racing to the supermarkets as if a zombie apocalypse had arrived. Milk! Bread! Flashlights! Candles! Batteries! A blizzard is coming! Thank you, Mother Nature. We needed this.

I grew up in Western Michigan, where was nothing as good as a snow day. And we got a lot of them, thanks to the “lake effect” snow coming off Lake Michigan. It was a day to sleep in, relax in front of the fire, head outside to play in the snow, bake cookies, help with the shoveling and drink lots of hot chocolate.

And boy, we could all use this.

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