Yemen’s Houthi rebels show willingness to negotiate, cut rough deal

Houthi rebels who deposed Yemen's government have come to a preliminary agreement for a new one, showing willingness to negotiate, a UN official said.

Parties to the negotiations are hopeful it will prevent a civil war. It represents a shift of the Houthis’ tone from just a month ago, when they stormed the capital Sanaa with guns blazing.

Armed takeover

After a years-long conflict with the government, the rebels attacked the residences of President Abdurabu Hadi and Prime Minister Khaled Bahah last month.

The current House of Representatives will remain as it is for now.

The U.N. had called for Houthi fighters to withdraw from government institutions it had captured. Whatever the military concessions, the agreement allows Houthi gunmen to remain in Sanaa.

Source: CNN (4265 Articles)
Written by Hakim Almasmari and Ben Brumfield