12 Streets You Need To Know About In New York City

Welcome to New York. It’s been waiting for you.

Walking the streets of our fair city is one of the best pastimes we know of (even in the freezing weather). Here are the 12 streets around the boroughs that, for one reason or another, hold a special place in our hearts.

Jones Street, Manhattan

I have a dream of recreating the cover of the iconic Bob Dylan ‘Freewheelin’ album with my wife, on Jones Street. I grew up with the album. Moving to NYC when I was 25 largely involved the image of myself as Dylan on that cold winter day in the early 1960s. Corny, I know. I’ve been begging my wife to do this with me for years. — Buck Wolf, Executive Crime & Weird News Editor

One of my favorite things I don’t do often enough is walk around the outsides of Gramercy Park and then head down Irving Place, which only runs six blocks. I love Irving Place for its old-school charm, beautiful town homes and the legendary Pete’s Tavern. While you’re there, you have absolutely no idea you’re that close to the bustle of Union Square. — Kate Auletta, Executive Travel Editor

Bogart and Seigel, Brooklyn

Best graffitti in NYC now that 5 Points is gone. – Tyler Kingkade, Senior College Editor & Reporter

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