5 things to know for your New Day – Wednesday, February 18


Under attack: ISIS fighters have launched a major new assault in northern Iraq. The fighting is taking place about 30 miles from Irbil, the Kurdish capital, and challenges Peshmerga fighters already stretched thin in the area. Kurdish fighters have been closing the noose around Mosul, which ISIS seized in June. So, the ISIS offensive might be an effort to relieve pressure on Mosul. Coalition aircraft are in the area, but haven’t been able to help out because ISIS and the Kurds are fighting in close quarters.


On the other hand: Ever wonder why some people are left-handed? Well, wonder no more.

Hero dog: Nine-year-old boxer Carmen went home this week after two weeks of care at an animal hospital. She tried to save the life of her owner Ben Ledford during a house fire by shielding his face from the heat. He didn’t survive. Carmen now has a new home with Ben’s brother Phil and his wife.