Airline amenities

When your blood sugar is plummeting or you’re craving that cup of joe that eluded you in the rush to get to the airport, the food and beverage cart can take an eternity to make its way down the aisle to your seat. Enter Red, Virgin America’s entertainment system. Passengers enter their choice from a menu of cold snacks and drinks on their personal screen, swipe their credit card, and hello artisan cheese box!

“Ordering food from your seat is incredible,” says Bob Albert, founder and CEO of new flight rating and review site “You feel totally empowered.”

14 outstanding airport amenities

Gentle wake-up

Is a burst of harsh florescent lighting any way to wake up? Virgin Atlantic doesn’t think so. The airline employs soft lighting to wake passengers gently before landing. Complimentary eye masks, blankets and pillows don’t hurt either. “It was definitely the best I felt waking up on a red-eye,” says Lauren Sullivan, travel expert for “I went straight to the office because I felt perfectly refreshed.”

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