China Names 14 Generals Suspected of Corruption

BEIJING — China’s military authority on Monday released a list of 14 generals who are under investigation or have been convicted of graft, among them the son of one of China’s once highest-ranking generals.

The generals were the latest prominent officers to fall under President Xi Jinping’s sweeping anticorruption campaign.

Published on the official website of the People’s Liberation Army three days before China’s rubber-stamp legislature convenes for its annual meeting in Beijing, the list identifies a host of leading officers, the majority of whom are in the political and logistics departments of the military, navy, missile corps and other branches.

“It seems to be strategic in who they’re going after and not going after,” Mr. Saunders said. “There are people being made an example of within the P.L.A., but it’s not the people at the very top. This achieves the purpose of warning them to tone down corruption without the political cost.”

Mia Li contributed research.

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