Climate change: ‘I’m on the front lines of this crisis’

Brenwho described himself as being “on the front lines of the this crisis”will be one of the most important people to attend Sunday’s People’s Climate March, which is expected to draw more than 100,000 protestors ahead of United Nations climate summit on Tuesday. He’s essential to the international climate conversation for two reasons. One, he’s a witness to the reality of climate change todayhere and now and in America. Too often we think of this as an Arctic-only problem, or a 100-years-in-the-future problem. It’s actually both urgent and local, as Bren and so many others can attest. And two: Instead of just griping about the changes, he’s actually doing something to help.

“This isn’t a story of giving up,” he said. “This is a story of hope.”

Preach, brother.

We all have a lot to learn from Bren.

It would help if elected officials operated with similar resolve.

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