Could London’s disused train tunnels be transformed into cycle highways?

Now the London Underground is being touted as a stylish new subterranean route for pedestrians and cyclists.

London Underline — which won the award for best conceptual project at the London Planning Awards last week — proposes transforming disused tube tunnels into a network of underground pathways that will reduce the pressure on the city’s bustling streets.

The plans also highlight the possibility of offering excess space up for cultural and retail projects.

“Our concept proposes repurposing underutilized infrastructure to provide quick links between existing tube stations and key London landmarks and destinations,” said Ian Mulcahey, managing director of Gensler London, the architecture and design firm behind the idea.

“Commentators from all over the world are reaching out for more information about our proposal, to evaluate it against their own disused infrastructure,” Mulcahey said.

“What we are saying with the London Underline is that we need to look at all the spaces that currently exist within cities, and ask ourselves: ‘Are we using them in the best way that we can?’ If not, what else could we do?”

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