Dreamliner lovers rejoice as American Airlines touts new 787s

“Nice to have another U.S. airline with a 787, finally,” aviation enthusiast and frequent flier Jason Rabinowitz tweeted to CNN. Since 2012, United has been the only U.S. airline to operate the sleek, super-efficient Dreamliners. “It’s always nice to see a new type enter a fleet.”

American announced a domestic Dreamliner route from Dallas-Fort Worth to Chicago O’Hare beginning May 7. Starting in June, passengers can fly American Airlines Dreamliners from Dallas-Forth Worth to Beijing and to Buenos Aires.

Dreamliners also offer snazzy features like color-changing interior mood lighting, improved cabin humidity and larger windows that darken and lighten with the push of a button. Aviation geeks love to talk about the 787’s advanced technology, like fly-by-wire cockpit controls and dramatically sweeping wings with raked wingtips.

American says it has firm orders for 42 Dreamliners, with options to purchase 58 more. It says it “will deploy the 787 to additional markets in 2015 as it takes delivery of new aircraft.” American’s orders reportedly include 26 of the longer version of the Dreamliner, the 787-9.