Extraordinary play brings Anne Frank’s secret world to life

It’s hoped the productionwhich features lavishly designed sets that revolve and glide across a giant panoramic stagewill bring the story of the young Jewish diarist to a new generation.

No expense has been spared.

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Intensely realistic stage sets

Two of Holland’s best known playwrights were commissioned to pen the new drama and a multimillion dollar budget spent on intensely realistic stage sets.

“The level of detail is crazy,” says Robin De Levita, the show’s Tony Ã…ward-winning producer, as he takes me behind the scenes, where a life-sized Amsterdam apartment block is parked, ready to roll on stage.

The Anne Frank Foundation, an educational charity that holds soon-to-expire copyright to the diary, commissioned the play in the hope of reaching out to a new generation almost 70 years after Frank died.

De Levita says judging by the experience of showing the play to his own teenage son and his friends, it hits the mark.

“They’re watching themselves and they’re completely relating to all of this because they’re going through it right now: annoying parents, being trapped in the house, falling in love, sexuality.

“I promise you, any 14-, 15- or 16-year-old will go crazy over this. It will be a meaningful experience. And that’s what we have to achieve — to find that audience.”

“Anne” is performed at the Theater Amsterdam, Danzigerkade 5/Westpoortnummer; +31 88 123 2411; tickets from $48