FlightAware’s Misery Map Is Maybe The Best Way To Understand Snowstorm Juno

By now you’re likely familiar with the “top-five historic storm” that’s currently pounding the northeastern United States.

The storm has created a massive travel nightmare, with thousands of flights delayed or cancelled. This is most apparent when you look at FlightAware’s massively helpful — not to mention hilarious — Misery Map. The flight tracking site sure has a sense of humor and shows travelers how snowstorms such as Juno completely cripple everything.

If you are scheduled to fly today or on the days to come, know that many airlines have already waived change fees to best accommodate consumers. In case you need a reminder, here’s what NOT to do when a snowstorm threatens to cancel your travels.

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority will shut down all NYC subway and bus service, along with MetroNorth and Long Island Rail Road commuter trains, by 11 p.m. Monday night, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced.

Times Square right now, pt II. >A photo posted by Sean O'Kane (@sokane1) on Jan 26, 2015 at 2:11pm PST Share this: Tweet Share tumblr Share + Today 4:59 PM ESTNASA Video Shoes Giant Snowstorm Developing NASA released a video of images from its GOES-East satellite on Monday, showing the storm growing and moving east.

This is the scene outside the @WholeFoods in Union Square, NYC right now. Chaos. (photo by @acpants) #blizzardof2015 pic.twitter.com/Kg7rDLaOVG

— Brian Ries (@moneyries) January 26, 2015

HuffPost reports:

As the Northeast braces itself for up to three feet of snow this week, some savvy individuals are using the inclement weather to their advantage. While the potentially record-breaking blizzard threatens to confine urban dwellers to their apartments for the next 48 hours, some singles have taken to Craigslist to post personal ads in search of winter romance.

A lot of unhappy people stuck waiting for access to the level to get to their gate… 🙁 to get home to NJ >A photo posted by @humphreyc on Jan 26, 2015 at 1:20pm PST Share this: Tweet Share tumblr Share + Today 2:54 PM ESTMass. Gov: 'This Is A Top Five Historic Storm.' Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker warned residents to take caution ahead of the snowstorm. “This is a top-five historic storm, and we should treat it as such,” he said.

— NWS (@NWS) January 26, 2015

#BREAKING: @BostonLogan says no flights after 7p Monday. Anticipated re-opening late Wednesday.

— WCVB-TV Boston (@WCVB) January 26, 2015

LA Times reports:

New Yorkers jammed checkout aisles to buy food, water, batteries and snow shovels Sunday after Mayor Bill de Blasio said thousands of workers were preparing for “one of the top two or three largest storms in the history of this city.

In Morningside Heights in Manhattan, shoppers clogged Westside Market’s narrow aisles, and checkout lines stretched 20 deep. “It’s chaos,” manager Nick Glenis said. “You might need shoulder pads today. It’s full-contact shopping.”

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Today's Weather: Major #noreaster expected to bring hvy snow, blizzard conditions to Northeast http://t.co/vT29JlRubR pic.twitter.com/lY3jv6Vb40

— NWS (@NWS) January 26, 2015

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