Here’s How Samsung’s Apple Pay Competitor Will Work

Last fall, Apple launched Apple Pay, bringing mobile-payment technology to the iPhone. Samsung now wants to get that on Android phones — at least the ones it makes.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones announced Sunday will come with mobile-pay capabilities. Samsung’s payment service won’t come until this summer, and will launch only in the U.S. and South Korea at first. Here’s what’s known about Samsung Pay and how it compares with Apple Pay and Google’s own efforts for Android.


Q. How does Samsung Pay work?

So far, Google Wallet uses regular card numbers, without the added security from substitute numbers used by Apple Pay or planned with Samsung Pay.


Q. Will Samsung Pay work with other phones?

A. Future phones will likely get it, too. Older models likely won’t work, though. Although they have NFC, they don’t have LoopPay.

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