How A Marriage Fell Apart After 19 Years Together And Six Kids (VIDEO)

After 19 years as a couple and six kids together, George describes his wife Rachel, from whom he’s been separated for three months, as “a wife from hell.” He claims she has cheated multiple times, has a temper, and says they fight often, especially over money and the kids. “When Rachel’s boyfriend calls, she jumps. I have told Rachel that she is putting her kids in jeopardy for trying to pursue this guy,” says George. “Rachel to this day denies anything. She puts the kids second to her love life … The cheating, the lying, the backstabbing. With a wife like her, who needs an enemy?”

But Rachel tells a very different story, claiming that George is using her as a scapegoat when he’s the problem. “My current relationship with George is every time we see each other, it ends up in a fight,” she says. “George is lazy, he never lifted a finger around the house and the rest of the time he was gone working. George was only there for two out of the six births of our children. It still affects me. He missed an important part of our life together and you can’t get that back. I resent George for not being around.” She admits to having had one affair, as opposed to the numerous affairs George suspects, and claims it only happened after he cheated on her. “Recently, I noticed George emotionally distant from me. He was cold and abrasive,” she says. “I found out that George has a girlfriend. It hurts. Things weren’t great between us, but I didn’t even imagine this was going on.”

The Huffington Post