HUFFPOST HILL – TSA Workers To Be Paid In Enjoyment

Donald Trump’s speech at CPAC makes us wonder why the news cycle gods didn’t bless us with llamas and optical illusion dresses today. Barry Loudermilk allowed the country to mostly unite in its favorite pastime: pissing on other people’s parenting abilities. And the Washington Post is reconsidering its drug testing policy. We should remind our HuffPost colleagues that having your resume document titled “ResumeNew” is totally amateur. This is HUFFPOST HILL for Friday, February 27th, 2015:

DHS: HOUSE, SENATE PLAYING CHICKEN – Looks like they’re going to have to bok bok bok around the clock tonight. Elise Foley, Ryan Grim & Sabrina Siddiqui: “A House Republican effort to punt on Department of Homeland Security funding failed on the floor Friday, leaving the GOP leadership in a bind on whether to throw in the towel and pass a budget bill without immigration measures. It’s back to the drawing board with only hours to go until a DHS shutdown. The vote failed 203 to 224, an embarrassing loss after Republican leadership had predicted they had the votes to get the three-week continuing resolution through. Fifty-two Republicans voted against funding DHS for even a matter of weeks without riders to block President Barack Obama’s deportation relief and work authorization for undocumented immigrants. House Democrats could have pushed the bill over the line, but most instead opposed it in hopes that its failure would force Republicans to fund the department for the full year, free of restrictive immigration measures….

The plan was for the House to approve the three-week funding bill and then leave town for the weekend. Now, the fate of DHS funding is uncertain. Members will likely huddle later Friday to work up another plan.” [HuffPost]

We wonder if Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) wishes he had been quietermilk about not vaccinating his children.

@JohnDingell: I think I miss having a staff most when attempting to understand the subject lines of @HuffPostHill and @nationaljournal The Edge emails.

@anamariecox: What I like about Jeb: seems genuinely wonky and distasteful of scene-making. What I don’t like about Bush: most of his record.

@pourmecoffee: Jeb Bush thrilling the CPAC crowd: “When I say “Status”, you say “quo”. STATUS!”.

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