Milan Is One Of Europe’s Cheapest Cities To Visit In 2015, And Our Wallets Are Thrilled

We’re always in the mood for a European adventure, but let’s be real: finances hold us back. We’re constantly battling the desperate need for a European escape and the (more desperate) need to escape a total piggy bank breakdown.

Good news: this year is one of the best times to visit Europe, and Milan is one of the cheapest places to go.

The euro’s value is dropping, and airfare may soon follow, which makes now a fabulous time to visit any big-name European city. But we’ve got a special eye on Milan thanks to cheap flight deals, cheap food deals and the fact that the vast majority of must-do activities here are 100 percent FREE.

A trip costs just 1.5 euro (with discounts if you buy 10!), and lines run past midnight… not that the city isn’t incredibly bike-able to begin with.

…and it’s only going to get more beautiful in 2015.

The city is preparing to host Expo 2015 Milano, a six-month global showcase on sustainable food and nutrition. This means we’ll likely see a whole bevy of brand-new parks, trails, walking zones and Wi-Fi in 2015, making one of Europe’s prettiest cities even more gorgeous.

The Huffington Post