Opinion: Why the selfie stick must die

But wait, there’s already a selfie stick company called exactly that, because it’s witty and ironic, right?

And not painfully honest.

More and more museums in New York are announcing bans on the selfie stick.

The Museum of Modern of Art (MoMA) has long removed the sticks from their exhibition halls to prevent damage to the artwork.

Stop before someone gets hurt

If you’ve ever set foot in MoMA you’ll know what a difficult experience it can be.

I tried it for a day.

It is what I imagine skydiving would be like: terrifying at first, then exhilarating and finally, when I got my mind to stop subconsciously framing every street scene, I became more present than I’ve ever been on a trip.

In any case, selfies are a cliche that have always reminded me of Rowan Atkinson as that sad old buffoon, Mr. Bean, taking self-portraits with his teddy bear in front of Buckingham Palace.

Instead of waving a glorified tree branch to take a slightly better version of a cliched shot, let’s just move on.

Hong Kong-based freelancer Zoe Li writes regularly on Chinese art, culture, food and travel.