Poor Farmers Lose Income When Milk Spoils During Delivery. This $5 Jug Helps Solve That

In Kenya alone, 80 percent of the milk is produced by small-scale farmers who helplessly watched their income source spill and spoil during delivery.

For dairy farmers in developing countries, one of the greatest challenges is safely transporting milk to its destination, since the flimsy pails they relied on couldn’t handle the task. That’s what prompted a number of innovators to develop the Mazzi, an efficient and inexpensive jug that can carry milk on long journeys and help prevent the product from curdling.

“The container is a perfect example of how innovative thinking specifically for these farmers can make a significant impact,” Jane Maindi, who managed Heifer International’s East Africa Dairy Development research efforts, said in a statement. “Kenyan farmers who participated in our pilot program have been raving about Mazzi and crediting it with reducing wastage and spillage, improving yields and increasing their incomes.”

The Huffington Post