Producer Adi Shankar Slams ‘Bullsh*t’ Copyright Claims That Got His Viral ‘Power Rangers’ Film Removed From YouTube, Vimeo

When producer Adi Shankar’s dark “Power Rangers” fan film spread like wildfire on the Internet, racking up millions of views and shares, it was closely followed by copyright complaints from Saban Entertainment, the company that owns the franchise. First Vimeo took the video down on Wednesday, and YouTube followed suit on Thursday.

That doesn’t sit well with Shankar, who blasted the “bullshit” copyright claims during an interview with HuffPost Live’s Nancy Redd on Thursday, about an hour after YouTube removed his video. And just minutes before the interview began, Shankar said he received a personal cease-and-desist letter from Warner/Chappell Music claiming he stole the “Power Rangers” theme song.

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