South Korean President Urges Japan to Admit Past Wrongs

SEOUL, South Korea — President Park Geun-hye of South Korea urged Japan on Sunday to have the “courage and honesty” to admit to its historical wrongdoings against Koreans and other Asians, including its enslavement of Korean women in military brothels during World War II.

“As Germany and France overcame conflict and mutual enmity and became leaders in building a new Europe, it is time for South Korea and Japan to write a new history together,” Ms. Park said in a nationally televised speech. “But despite their geographical proximity, the two nations could not get close in heart because of tensions surrounding historical issues.”

North Korea has not responded to her overture, repeated several times in recent months. It instead has insisted that South Korea lift economic sanctions imposed on the North following the sinking of a South Korean warship in 2010, which Seoul blamed on the North.

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The New York Times