‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Ep. 12 Recap: ‘Remember’ Welcomes Team Rick To The Neighborhood

After being on the move for what feels like forever, our group of survivors has found a suburban paradise to call home. But can people this hard-worn and traumatized settle back into society? Or, as Glenn put it, were they almost “out there” too long?

Spoiler alert! The following recaps contains spoilers. There is no sanctuary.

“Remember” certainly marks the beginning of a new chapter of “The Walking Dead” for the second half of Season 5, with Alexandria coming off as much more sustainable location than Woodbury or Terminus. Nothing is perfect, of course, and there are already some interesting red flags (*cough* Aiden *cough*), but after a shower and shave and a shiny, new uniform, this is the most that Rick has let his guard down in a long time.

After Deanna declares Rick’s group an official part of Alexandria, it’s clear that they are going to stay. She finally gives Rick and Michonne their new jobs: constables. Rick’s going to be a law man again?! Well, as if he ever stopped being one in the first place. Back at their homes, Rick confirms that they are staying put and says they can settle into both houses. Carol echoes Carl’s concern that this place could make them weak. Rick, looking like a new in his uniform with significantly less hair, flatly says that it’s not going to happen. They’ll make it work here no matter what, and if the Alexandrians can’t, “Then we’ll just take this place.” *Drops the mic.*

So … our first taste of Alexandria is more sweet than bitter, but obviously it will take some time to find out how pure Deanna’s intentions are, how much of a problem Aiden is going to be and what, if any, other problems arise that would lead to a Ricktatorship of the town. That scene where Carl sees Enid climb over the fence, then finds his dad looking for his stashed gun in the woods raises some questions. First, where did the gun go? And secondly, where did Enid go? The answers to those questions will tell us more about where this “Pleasantville” plot is going.

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