This Is Why Some Of Apple’s New Emoji People Are Yellow

Apple’s finally updating its line of emoji characters with a diverse skin color palette, but some say the yellowish skin tone included in the pack raises some questions: Are they Asian stereotypes? Are they jaundiced? What’s the deal?

The yellow color apparently isn’t meant to be a skin tone option. It’s a default emoji color that exists outside of the new skin tone color options. Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to confuse, and a lot of people find it offensive.

So here’s how that happened.

They’re both essentially the same yellow. We found that each image contains #FBD043, for example, the HTML code for a certain shade that looks like this:

So, Apple probably isn’t trying to be racist with its new emoji. Think of it more like LEGO people: Yellow means “generic” in this case.

Now where’s the emoji for damage control?

The Huffington Post