True romance? Why this couple is getting divorced on Valentine’s Day

That’s the day a couple from Long Island, New York, with help from a company called DivorceHotel, will come together for the last time as husband and wife to finalize legal proceedings and make their divorce official.

Married for 25 years with four children, Antonio and Kathie (who prefer not to provide their last names) are both in their mid-40s. Antonio works in the construction business in New York City, Kathie is a medical professional.

Amid the lush grounds of the resort in the foothills of New York’s Adirondack Region, the details of their split will be made official over three days, with wine and maybe spa treatments on the side.

“The hotel is actually known for weddings,” says Kathie. “It’s got a great spa and it’s in a great town with really good atmosphere.

“If you get stressed can get a massage or a facial.”

“You could say this is one special. It will be the first time in our existence we will process a divorce on Valentine’s Day.”

“Special” might not be the word Antonio and Kathie would settle on — both make it clear the divorce decision process has been incredibly difficult and painful — but they’re at least satisfied with their decision to take care of the details the way they have.

“The whole notion of sitting in the cold, antiseptic environment of a courtroom or a conference room with attorneys and hash out all the details of my life, I didn’t want it,” says Antonio. “That’s not how we began our relationship and it’s not how we should end it.

“This is civilized.”