What It’s Really Like To Star In A Music Video With Taylor Swift

Dominic Sherwood has appeared in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Not Fade Away” and “Vampire Academy,” but his big break came when Taylor Swift’s “Style” video premiered last month. He plays the guy with the James Dean daydream look in his (dual-colored) eyes. What’s it like to shoot a Taylor Swift music video, you ask? HuffPost Entertainment went straight to the source: The 25-year-old English actor, who shot the clip across four days last summer in Los Angeles, took us from first text message (from Swift herself, a friend of Sherwood’s) through the explosion that flooded his Twitter feed after the video’s launch.

How did you first get linked up with the “Style” video?
I’ve known Taylor for a little over a year now. We met through mutual friends. About a month before the video was supposed to start filming, she texted me and asked me if I would ever consider being in a music video. I literally had just finished a movie at the time and I said, “Well, it depends who it was for and what sort of stuff I would be doing.” And she said, “Well, it would be for me.” And I said, “Oh, wow.” I was really, really flattered that she would even think of me and consider me for it. I’d met the director once or twice before, Kyle Newman. It was all very exciting, even before I knew what I was doing exactly.

How much have you seen Taylor since shooting?
I actually haven’t seen her since wrapping the video. She’s so busy slowly but surely taking over the world. But we do speak every now and then.

Do you have a favorite Taylor Swift song?
If I said anything other than “Style,” I’d look like a royal idiot, wouldn’t I? I actually like “Blank Space.” We had a bit of a running joke after I did the video because of Sean O’Pry, who is the guy in “Black Space.” Every time the video or the song would come on, my friends would turn to me and go, “I’d hate to be the guy in the next video because he’s very good-looking, that Sean guy.” I was like, “Yeah, thanks, you’re great. Thanks for having my back.”

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