Where You’ve Seen All Those Breakout ‘House Of Cards’ Stars Before

Frank and Claire Underwood do their Frank and Claire Underwood thing in the third season of “House of Cards,” but it’s the supporting cast members who shine in the newest chapters of Netflix’s political drama. And not just Doug Stamper (he’s alive!), Remy Danton and Jackie Sharp: Time and again, new faces (and some old ones) steal the show during Season 3. Let’s highlight the six best.

Elizabeth Marvel

On “House of Cards”: Marvel’s Heather Dunbar was a fringe player in Season 2, but she shot to the forefront of Season 3 as Frank’s chief rival for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. Her arc is ultimately tragic: Even Dunbar, a pillar of righteousness and honor — her go-to uniform for much of the season is literally a white suit — is eventually pulled down into Frank’s muck and mire. That she loses in Iowa is no surprise: In the game of politics as presented by “House of Cards,” no one is a better Frank than Frank.

Kelly AuCoin

On “House of Cards”: AuCoin plays Doug’s loyal brother.

Where you’ve seen him before: “Law & Order” (of course) and “The Americans” as Pastor Tim.

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