7 ways to boost your happiness

by CNN // January 19, 2015 // Updated 11:54 GMT // 0 Comments

I get it. We all want, and deserve, that sense of well-being. But save your money. Achieving happiness is easier than you may think. We all experience emotional highs throughout our lives — with a job promotion, on our wedding day, with the birth of a child. But these moments only yield temporary feelings of […]

Why Being Your Child’s Friend Instead Of Parent Can Be Dangerous (VIDEO)

by The Huffington Post // January 19, 2015 // Updated 06:52 GMT // 0 Comments

Vicki says her 15-year-old daughter, Josie, has been kicked out of school, steals, drinks, uses drugs, has been caught sneaking boys into her bedroom and is facing battery and runaway charges. “Josie is completely out of control, basically running the house,” she says. “She will do what she wants to do, no matter what we […]

Mental wellness warriors: Fighting for those who need it most

by CNN // January 16, 2015 // Updated 22:20 GMT // 0 Comments

Actress and singer Demi Lovato stepped into the mental health advocacy role in 2014 by openly discussing her struggles with bipolar disorder. “I want to show the world that there is life — surprising, wonderful and unexpected life — after diagnosis,” she says. In September, Lovato headlined the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ “Call to […]

An aspirin a day may not be necessary for everyone’s heart health

by CNN // January 16, 2015 // Updated 21:48 GMT // 0 Comments

Doctors will often tell patients to take a daily aspirin since doing so can prevent the formation of blood clots, which cause heart attacks and strokes. A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that one in 10 people were either prescribed an aspirin regimen or daily they were […]

Flu season gets worse, but there are hopeful signs

by CNN // January 16, 2015 // Updated 20:55 GMT // 0 Comments

Epidemic means that it is a higher than usual number of cases. Some 8.5% of all deaths across the country reported for the week ending January 10 were due to pneumonia and influenza. This is slightly higher than this time last year. It is not, however, unusual for the flu to have weeks in which […]

How bad is booze anyway? 6 crazy facts about drinking

by CNN // January 16, 2015 // Updated 11:43 GMT // 0 Comments

Drinking moderately comes with a wealth of health benefits, says Sam Zakhari, senior vice president of the Distilled Spirits Council and former director of the Division of Metabolism and Health Effects at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Here’s what you’ll want to know about how alcohol affects you when you’re drinking in […]

Caramel apples linked to fatal listeria outbreak

by CNN // January 15, 2015 // Updated 19:03 GMT // 0 Comments

At least seven people have died after eating caramel apples that may have been infected with Listeria monocytogenes. Some 32 people have become infected with the deadly bacterium in 11 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of those people who got sick 31 were hospitalized and seven deaths have been reported. […]

Listeria Fast Facts

by CNN // January 15, 2015 // Updated 12:28 GMT // 0 Comments

General Information:Approximately 1,600 cases of listeriosis are reported in the United States every year, with 260 resulting in death, according to the CDC. Typically, Listeriosis affects older adults, pregnant women, infants, and adults with compromised immune systems. Pregnant women are approximately 10 times more likely to get listeriosis. Roughly 14 percent of cases of listeriosis […]

Arctic waters could hold secret to creating life-saving drugs

by CNN // January 15, 2015 // Updated 11:26 GMT // 0 Comments

Above the Arctic Circle in the Lyngen Fjord of northern Norway, researchers on the “Helmer Hanssen” are searching for the next generation of antibiotics. In these sea organisms, they hope, are new bacteria to become those drugs. “If no one finds new antibiotics for common infections, what will happen is we will go back to […]

Hope for Ebola epidemic end in Liberia

by CNN // January 15, 2015 // Updated 11:23 GMT // 0 Comments

The authors predict that Ebola could be contained in Liberia between March and June of this year with a rapid decline in new cases following June 2015. The paper does caution that “continuing on the path to elimination will require sustained watchfulness and individual willingness to be treated,” and experts were careful to point out […]

American doctor who survived Ebola returns to Liberia

by CNN // January 15, 2015 // Updated 11:19 GMT // 0 Comments

He calls the West African nation his “second home.” He lived there from 1995 to 2010 and has made about a dozen trips since then. But he said this time he’ll have a different perspective. “Having spent three days in the treatment unit in Liberia, I really feel for those who are sick,” Sacra said […]

Heroin deaths up for 3rd year in a row

by CNN // January 15, 2015 // Updated 00:08 GMT // 0 Comments

How heroin kills you That means 5,927 people died after using heroin in 2012 and that number jumped to 8,260 deaths in 2013. Those are the latest numbers available. This is the third year in a row that heroin deaths have increased. The silver lining, if there is such a thing in a report about […]

5 ways to eat healthier this year and lose weight in the process

by CNN // January 14, 2015 // Updated 11:42 GMT // 0 Comments

If you’re going to set just one goal for 2015, I think eating more produce should be it, but I’ve also listed four others below. I know you’ve heard them before, but they are without a doubt the most tried-and-true, impactful eating habits you can foster—both for your waistline and your health. And despite knowing […]

What are natural flavors, really?

by CNN // January 14, 2015 // Updated 11:26 GMT // 0 Comments

DailyBurn: Low-calorie foods that will actually fill you up Why natural flavors are everywhere in your food In the Environmental Working Group’s Food Scores database of over 80,000 foods, “natural flavor” is the fourth most common ingredient listed on labels. The only ingredients that outrank it: salt, water and sugar. Yet, natural flavoring isn’t nearly […]

‘One hell of a journey’

by CNN // January 13, 2015 // Updated 22:10 GMT // 0 Comments

I guess I’m just another statistic. Leaving for home on May 18, 2008, after my graduation from Muhlenberg College, with my parents and a car full of everything I owned, was one of the better feelings of my life. I had a dream job lined up with Habitat for Humanity. My longtime college boyfriend, Steve, […]

Brain scans could help doctors better predict your behavior

by CNN // January 13, 2015 // Updated 12:04 GMT // 0 Comments

The paper that runs in the latest edition of Neuron concludes that doctors might have more success treating some patients if they examined the way a person’s brain functioned first. Scan a brain, read a mind? Brain scans have been used to make basic discoveries about human behavior for decades, but they are not routinely […]

7 resolutions that yoga can help you keep past January

by CNN // January 13, 2015 // Updated 11:58 GMT // 0 Comments

If you’ve set any of the top resolutionslike being happier, getting healthier or sleeping betteryoga offers ways to transform your resolutions into lasting reality. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned yogi or never stepped onto a mat, you can leverage yoga to realize your most ambitious lifestyle goals. Here are seven popular resolutions […]

Opinion: To start the year right have ‘the talk’ with your aging parents

by CNN // January 12, 2015 // Updated 11:58 GMT // 0 Comments

We want to be forever vital, self-sufficient and powerful, like the vampires of “Twilight,” and we are fearful of aging into the semi-sentient zombies of “The Walking Dead.” The good news is, when it comes to thinking about how we age, taking action early significantly increases one’s odds for a better result and aging on […]

Baby buried by 2010 Haiti quake: See her now

by CNN // January 12, 2015 // Updated 11:38 GMT // 0 Comments

But, in the midst of this despair, a miracle arrived at Project Medishare. CNN Senior Photographer Ferre Dollar caught these images seconds after she arrived. Look closely at the center of the photo. This 4-month-old baby had spent four days alone in the rubble and was unconscious and extremely dehydrated. No one knew if she […]

Mad Cow Disease Fast Facts

by CNN // January 11, 2015 // Updated 17:30 GMT // 0 Comments

The official name of mad cow disease is bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). BSE lesions are characterized by sponge-like changes seen under an ordinary microscope. Eating contaminated meat or other products from cattle (excluding dairy products) with BSE is thought to be the cause of vCJD. BSE is passed between cows through the practice of recycling […]

Flu season shaping up to be bad one, CDC says

by CNN // January 9, 2015 // Updated 20:01 GMT // 0 Comments

Frieden also said that five more children have died since the CDC last reported figures, bringing the number of pediatric deaths up to 26 since the flu season began in the fall. The deaths, however, are believed to be higher due to delays in reporting. Adult deaths are not tracked, but the CDC said that […]

Scientists: Random gene mutations primary cause of most cancer

by CNN // January 3, 2015 // Updated 13:20 GMT // 0 Comments

That’s bad luckand it’s the primary cause of most cancer cases, says a Johns Hopkins Medicine research study. Roughly two-thirds of cancers in adults can be attributed to random mutations in genes capable of driving cancer growth, said two scientists who ran statistics on cancer cases. That may sound jaw-dropping. And Johns Hopkins anticipates that […]

West Nile Virus Fast Facts

by CNN // January 2, 2015 // Updated 19:09 GMT // 0 Comments

Those who become ill may develop West Nile encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain. There is no vaccine or specific treatment for West Nile virus. According to the CDC, only 1% of people bitten by West Nile-infected mosquitoes become seriously ill. – 2003 – 9,862 cases of West Nile Virus were identified in the United […]

Avian Flu Fast Facts

by CNN // October 29, 2014 // Updated 16:21 GMT // 0 Comments

The official name for the most commonly seen and most deadly form of the virus is called “Influenza A (H5N1),” or the “H5N1 virus.” In March 2013, a strain of bird flu previously not seen in humans – H7N9 – was detected in China. People have killed hundreds of millions of birds around the world […]

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