Artist Challenges Selfie Stick Ban By Taking A Bunch Of Selfies

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 15:09 GMT // 0 Comments

Museums all over the world are working to ban the beloved selfie stick, but Australian artist Jesse Willesee isn’t having it. As a conceptual artist, Willesee is all about the selfie stick, which attaches to cameras and makes it possible to take selfies from a greater distance than arm’s length. – H/T Artdaily

The Bottom Line: ‘Welcome to Braggsville’ By T. Geronimo Johnson

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 14:54 GMT // 0 Comments

Welcome to Braggsville by T. Geronimo Johnson William Morrow, $25.99 Published Feb. 17, 2015 The Bottom Line is a weekly review combining plot description and analysis with fun tidbits about the book.William Morrow What we think: Even the title of T. Geronimo Johnson’s second novel, Welcome to Braggsville, drips with morbid humor. Who, exactly, is […]

Pope Francis Promotes Vatican’s Former Sex Crimes Prosecutor Charles Scicluna To Archbishop Of Malta

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 14:48 GMT // 0 Comments

Pope Francis has named the Vatican’s former sex crimes prosecutor, Charles Scicluna, as archbishop of his native Malta. –Charles Scicluna was named auxiliary bishop of Malta in 2012 after a decade in Rome prosecuting abuse cases. | ANDREAS SOLARO via Getty Images Francis has vowed “zero tolerance” for abusers, and Scicluna’s promotion indicates the pope […]

Photographer Captures Portraits And Dreams Of People From 1 To 100 Years Of Age

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 14:28 GMT // 0 Comments

Danish photographer Keen Heick-Abildhauge fell in love with Russia years ago, mesmerized by the diversity of life hiding away in corners of the vast Eurasian country. Throughout his time living there, he’d amassed a fair share of stories from people of all ages. As he wrote in Bored Panda earlier this week, those stories were […]

Stolen Picasso Shipped As Christmas Present Seized In Newark

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 14:26 GMT // 0 Comments

The cubist painting La Coiffeuse by Pablo Picasso was considered missing for over a decade. Photo: AP/US Department of Justice This article originally appeared on artnet News. A stolen Picasso painting which was considered lost for years has resurfaced in the United States, where it had been shipped under false pretenses as a $37 Christmas […]

This Winter’s Best Bets

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 14:19 GMT // 0 Comments

Originally published on Kirkus This winter there’s been some major, surprise announcements about upcoming books: the Harper Lee novel Go Set a Watchman, out this summer, and a new Dr. Seuss book, also out this summer. Meanwhile, back in the frosty winter, there are a lot of compelling new books that we think are well […]

Sorry, Ebooks. These 9 Studies Show Why Print Is Better

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 14:19 GMT // 0 Comments

Don’t lament the lost days of cutting your fingers on pristine new novels or catching a whiff of that magical, transportive old book smell just yet! A slew of recent studies shows that print books are still popular, even among millennials. What’s more: further research suggests that this trend may save demonstrably successful learning habits […]

This Blessed Music Video Turns Doodling Into A Spiritual Experience

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 14:17 GMT // 0 Comments

It’s a beautiful thing when two entirely different art forms fit so well together that the boundaries between vision and sound, hand and ear, line and note, begin to blur. We’re feeling that particular kind of synesthesia after watching “Anthropomorph,” a new music video by guitar goddess Kaki King in collaboration with visual artist and […]

White and gold or blue and black it doesn’t matter — the dress is ugly

by CNN // February 27, 2015 // Updated 13:24 GMT // 0 Comments

Whether folks were team white and gold or team blue and black, the common consensus across social media seemed to be that it is far from the height of fashion. There were 3 types of people last night on Twitter: 1. Black & Blue 2. White & Gold 3. Dress is ugly – According to […]

Stress Tip: Let Go And Forgive

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 13:18 GMT // 0 Comments

For 30 days, GPS for the Soul and meQuilibrium are providing you tips on how to live a healthier, happier and stress-free life. See the previous stress tips here. – Learn more useful information about stress and your health! Order meQuilibrium’s new book, meQuilibrium: 14 Days to Cooler, Calmer, and Happier, co-authored by meQuilibrium CEO […]

Federal Panel Resists Tearful Pleas For New Meningitis Vaccine Routine

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 13:17 GMT // 0 Comments

A federal panel on Thursday recommended that two new meningitis vaccines only be used for rare outbreaks, resisting tearful pleas to give it routinely to teens and college students.HOLLYWOOD, CA – APRIL 15: People receive a free meningitis vaccine from Dr. Wayne Chen at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation pharmacy on April 15, 2013 in Hollywood, […]

Surprising Racial Disparities Found In Flu Vaccine Rates

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 13:16 GMT // 0 Comments

This year’s flu strain was particularly brutal, disproportionately affecting children and the elderly. A record-breaking rate of 217 of every 100,000 people over the age of 65 have been hospitalized for the flu, while 80 children so far have died from the disease, reports AP. And while flu season is officially in retreat as of […]

Do You Really Need To Cool Down After A Workout?

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 13:16 GMT // 0 Comments

By David Reavy for Men’s Journal –AmmentorpDK via Getty Images More from Men’s Journal: 11 Easy Ways to Boost Your Fitness Gains The 10 Best Post-Workout Foods The Only 8 Moves You Need to Be Fit

Naomi Campbell’s Cameraman Conflict Will Give You Some Unfortunate Déjà Vu

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 13:00 GMT // 0 Comments

Say it isn’t so, Naomi. – The supermodel has faced her fair share of legal issues over assault in the past, but has spent recent years accusation free. Invasion of privacy can be trying on any celebrity, but the whole incident is enough to give any Naomi fan some unfortunate déjà-vu.

Slow Cooker Liner Bags Will Save You From Ever Having To Scrub It Clean Again

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 12:19 GMT // 0 Comments

Slow cookers are known for making dinners easy to put together — not to mention desserts, hot chocolate AND nachos. Throw a couple ingredients into the pot in the morning and forget about it until you walk through the door at night. Easy peasy. That is, until you have to clean the dang thing. – […]

This Vietnamese Vegetable Peeler Is One Of The Coolest And Cheapest Cooking Gadgets Of All Time

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 12:15 GMT // 0 Comments

What if you could julienne, grate, shred, peel and make decorative cuts with only one vegetable peeler? What if that peeler was ridiculously cheap, lighter than your phone and small enough to fit in your pocket? It may sound like a fantasy kitchen gadget, but this peeler exists — and it can be yours for […]

Statement Jumpsuits Are The Red Carpet Trend Anyone Could Wear

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 12:00 GMT // 0 Comments

The red carpet is usually filled with flowing gowns and body-hugging frocks, but this past season, pants had a serious presence. – TRY: Zip Front Boilersuit

Justin Welby, The Archbishop Of Canterbury, Wants YOU At Lambeth Palace

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 12:00 GMT // 0 Comments

Ever wanted to kick it with the Archbishop of Canterbury? Here’s your chance. Justin Welby, the senior bishop of the worldwide Anglican Communion and a self-described “spiritual magpie,” is looking for a few good young men and women (aged 20 – 35) to live with him in London’s Lambeth Palace. Britain’s then-bishop of Durham Justin […]

The 9 Best Swimsuit Brands You Have Probably Never Heard Of

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 12:00 GMT // 0 Comments

Spring is almost here. Okay, that is just a rumor we heard that we can neither confirm nor deny, but these tundra-like temperatures have to end sometime, right? And what is the first thing we are going to do when the earth unthaws? Head to the beach. While we have lost a finger or two […]

Daily Meditation: All Things Grow

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 11:30 GMT // 0 Comments

We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be part of bringing spirituality alive in your life.Ukraine, Kiev, dew on blades of grass | WIN-Initiative via Getty Images Today’s meditation features a song by American musician Sufjan Stevens. “Chicago” is a brilliant […]

Activist Pens ‘A Letter To Young Muslim Girls’ Considering Joining ISIS

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 11:00 GMT // 0 Comments

The Islamic State has run a slick media campaign to lure young recruits to its ranks — and the strategy has attracted women as well as men. On Feb. 17, three teenager girls boarded a plane to Turkey from London and were subsequently smuggled into Syria with hopes of joining the militant group, according to […]

Rev. Theodore Hesburgh Dead At 97, Former Notre Dame President For 35 Years

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 09:42 GMT // 0 Comments

The Rev. Theodore Hesburgh was always a man of conscience. He did what he thought was right during his 35 years as president of the University of Notre Dame, even if it meant challenging popes, presidents or legendary football coaches.The Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C, president emeritus of the University of Notre Dame, died. He was […]

Everything You Need To Know About #TheDress

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 09:03 GMT // 0 Comments

Unless you were in a bunker on Thursday, you’ve heard the only story more viral than the llamas on the lam. A photo of a dress — now trending on every social media site as #TheDress — left the world divided. Is it white and gold? Blue and black? Or, dare we say it, blue […]

Pope Francis’ Finance Czar Cardinal George Pell Comes Under Intense Scrutiny Over Spending

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 05:41 GMT // 0 Comments

Pope Francis’ finance czar is coming under intense scrutiny after ruffling feathers at the Vatican as he seeks to impose order on its unruly finances. Italian weekly L’Espresso reported in its Friday editions that Cardinal George Pell’s economy secretariat had run up a half-million euros (dollars) in expenses in the first six months of its […]

Stolen Picasso worth millions seized in U.S.

by CNN // February 27, 2015 // Updated 03:38 GMT // 0 Comments

“A lost treasure has been found,” said Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. – The news release from Lynch didn’t give the name of the person who shipped the painting.

Unearthing America’s truffle trove

by CNN // February 27, 2015 // Updated 02:29 GMT // 0 Comments

They were on the hunt again, though not for deer or waterfowl or the usual Tennessee fare. The man and his curly-haired dog were searching for something fancier: Tuber melanosporum or black Périgord truffles. Black truffles are one of the most sought after (and expensive) delicacies in the world. Often referred to as a “black […]

Why One Family With Measles Is Reconsidering Their Anti-Vax Position

by The Huffington Post // February 26, 2015 // Updated 23:05 GMT // 0 Comments

People on social media pilloried them as the “measles family” after they became infected with the virus during their Disneyland vacation and brought the disease back to their hometown of Kearny, Arizona. A sign warns of the dangers of measles in the reception area of a pediatrician’s office in Scottsdale, Ariz., Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015. […]

Isabella Stewart Gardner Heist: 25 Years of Theories

by The New York Times // February 26, 2015 // Updated 21:37 GMT // 0 Comments

BOSTON — The hallway in the Brooklyn warehouse was dark, the space cramped. But soon there was a flashlight beam, and I was staring at one of the most sought-after stolen masterpieces in the world: Rembrandt’s “Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee.” The frame marking its empty spot on the wall of […]

America’s 20 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations 2015, According To

by The Huffington Post // February 26, 2015 // Updated 20:50 GMT // 0 Comments

Spring Break 2015 is finally here, so hopefully you’ve been hitting the gym and drinking all your protein like a good bruuh because it’s high time to show everyone that you deserve a spot on your school’s Wall of But how are you supposed to stand on the shoulders of the Spring Breakers before […]

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