What You Probably Don’t Know About Domestic Violence and Abuse (VIDEO)

by The Huffington Post // March 3, 2015 // Updated 09:02 GMT // 0 Comments

Ilene, 20, says her boyfriend, Matt, constantly accuses her of cheating on him, insults her appearance, calls her despicable names, and threatens to take their son and leave her homeless. Watch as Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil’s wife who’s a leading advocate of domestic violence awareness, says: “A lot of people think that domestic violence is […]

Police Raid The Lesbians Who Trolled Russia’s Leading Anti-Gay Politician

by The Huffington Post // February 27, 2015 // Updated 18:50 GMT // 0 Comments

Being gay is dangerous business in Russia, but it’s especially risky when you troll the country’s leading opponent of gay rights. The owners of a St. Petersburg lesbian nightclub, raided today by police, are learning that lesson.Saint Basil s cathedral; Moscow, Russia | rep0rter via Getty Images Read the whole story at Global Voices

Girl Scout Cookie Demand Leads To Delays In Some Areas

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An overwhelming and unexpectedly high demand for Girl Scout cookies sold this year, particularly the ever-popular Thin Mints, is leading to a delay in fulfilling orders for a handful of locations throughout the country. Read the whole story at

Shirt sponsorship gold rush: Brands compete to get names on soccer clubs’ kits

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Driven by a contract with car manufacturer Chevrolet, Manchester United’s $70m a year deal is a big part of the EPL’s 36% rise in shirt sponsorship income on the 2013/2014 season, reports Repucom. Factor in a kit deal with manufacturers like Nike and Adidas and leading clubs can generate over $75 million a year from […]

Two swing states: Rand Paul in dead heat with Hillary Clinton

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Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the leading GOP establishment prospect, also ties Clinton in Virginia and social conservative favorite former Gov. Mike Huckabee comes within three points of Clinton’s 44 percent edge. – Clinton’s family ties aren’t as much of an issue for her, with less than a quarter of voters in each of the […]

Elite runner crawls across the finish line at Austin Marathon

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Conley’s not talking about Cynthia Jerop, the women’s winner, who finished the 26.2-mile race in 2:54:21. He’d expected to see Kenyan runner Hyvon Ngetich. According to reports he’d received from the race course, she had been leading most of the race. – Ngetich said it’s just what she does. “In running, you have to keep […]

Grant Hill Originally Wanted To Play For Dean Smith, North Carolina

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During his highly decorated collegiate career at Duke, Grant Hill twice earned All-American honors while leading the Blue Devils to consecutive national championships in 1991 and 1992, the first two titles for head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Drafted third overall by the Detroit Pistons in 1994, Hill enjoyed seven NBA All-Star appearances, and during his first […]

How To Intentionally Design A Happier Life

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Most people assume that they know whether they are happy or not, but in reality, judging our own happiness can be very difficult. There is often a disconnect between what our brains are telling us and what we actually feel. “We tell stories about the things we think should make us happy, but sometimes, when […]

With These Hires, Congress Becomes Even More Like A Corporation

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Until a few weeks ago, Joel Leftwich was a senior lobbyist for the largest food and beverage company in the United States. During his tenure at PepsiCo—maker of Cheetos, Lay’s potato chips and, of course, Pepsi-Cola—the company had played a leading role in efforts to beat back local soda taxes and ensure that junk food […]

Will Smith On Race In America: ‘It’s Our Responsibility To Clean Up The Mess’

by The Huffington Post // February 12, 2015 // Updated 20:14 GMT // 0 Comments

Minus cameos in “Anchorman 2” and “Winter’s Tale,” Will Smith hasn’t appeared on screen since 2013’s “After Earth.” But Smith’s return as leading man is set for the end of the month in “Focus,” followed by many other films, including “Concussion,” “Suicide Squad” and, eventually, “Bad Boys 3.” Will Smith talks racism in America. | […]

Armed Carjacking Suspect Shot, Wounded By LAPD (VIDEO

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MONTEBELLO, Calif. (AP) — A gunman leading police on a wild chase east of Los Angeles smashed into cars, veered into oncoming traffic, stole a vehicle at gunpoint and ran down a crowded street before officers shot and wounded him. Authorities opened fire as the man appeared to be trying to steal another car, police […]

UNICEF ‘7’ fund is ‘number one priority’ for David Beckham

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He’s a football star, a fashion mogul and a prospective sport team owner, but David Beckham is in no doubt as to his most pressing concern. It’s a charitable collaboration with UNICEF — the world’s leading organisation for children — providing help to kids in danger zones across the globe. “My number one priority is […]

Nigeria vote delayed, ‘security concerns’ cited in wake of Boko Haram attacks

by CNN // February 7, 2015 // Updated 22:41 GMT // 0 Comments

The Islamist terror group Boko Haram has increased its attacks against troops and civilians in the weeks leading up to the elections. – CNN’s Lillian Leposo and Christian Purefoy reported from Nigeria and Steve Almasy wrote in Atlanta. Journalist Ngala Killian Chimtom contributed to this report.

Leading Egypt Uprising Activist Ahmed Douma Among 230 Sentenced To Life

by The Huffington Post // February 4, 2015 // Updated 13:23 GMT // 0 Comments

An Egyptian court has sentenced 230 people, including one of the leading activists behind the country’s 2011 uprising, to life in prison after finding them guilty of taking part in clashes between protesters and security forces.Egyptian political activist Ahmed Douma stands behind dock bars during his trial in Cairo on May 13, 2013 on charges […]

Hillary Clinton Considering Basing Campaign Headquarters In Brooklyn: Report

by The Huffington Post // February 3, 2015 // Updated 01:19 GMT // 0 Comments

potentially in Brooklyn, which has emerged as a leading contender. Insiders say Clinton aides are looking at Brooklyn as a possible location, and that an office in White Plains, near the Clintons’s Chappaqua, N.Y., home, has been all but ruled out. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reportedly considering housing the headquarters for her […]

The Truth About Childhood Allergies, From Dr. Richard Besser (VIDEO)

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Why are we seeing a rise in allergies? According to Dr. Richard Besser, we’re so conscious of keeping the environment that our children are in clean during their early years that we’re not exposing them to the things that trigger allergies — so their immune systems don’t have the chance to regulate them. Another theory […]

Netanyahu Is Talking To Leading Democrats To Little Effect So Far

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has been reaching out to leading Capitol Hill Democrats to try to ease criticism over his coming address to Congress, but has made little progress. Read the whole story at The New York Times

Super Bowl tickets are most expensive ever

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In the past few years, many buyers have held out until the last minute and, in fact, got a good deal as prices fell in the days leading to the game. – Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. and its licensors. All rights reserved.

Davos: Inside the minds of the most powerful women in the world

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I had already experienced two “Davos moments” in the Swiss mountain town: as I entered the congress center I passed Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and then IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde. Quite a view from our #Davos2015 studio atop the Alps! #CNN “You can have it all, despite what you’re reading in all the […]

Sarah Palin ‘Seriously Interested’ In Running For President In 2016

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) continued to tease a potential bid for the Republican nomination for president this week leading up to a Saturday address at the Iowa Freedom Summit.Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) said she is ‘seriously interested’ in a run for president in 2016. | Mark Wilson via Getty Images – […]

France Sees As Many Anti-Muslim Acts In January As All Of 2014

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A leading Muslim group says there have been at least as many anti-Muslim acts in France since the terror attacks this month as for all of last year. The French Council for the Muslim Religion said Friday 128 anti-Muslim actions or threats were reported from Jan. 7-20 — a number that does not include the […]

‘Golden opportunity’ knocks for Chinese footballers in Spain

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“This investment will not only provide a golden opportunity for young Chinese players sent overseas by Wanda to be selected by leading European football clubs, it will also strengthen the quality of Chinese football and narrow the gap between the rest of the world,” Wang said Wednesday. Wang Jianlin’s Wanda Group will be the first […]

Ted Cruz: ‘Would It Kill Republicans To Crack A Joke?’

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) thinks it wouldn’t hurt for the GOP to show off its sense of humor. –WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 12: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) addresses the second annual Conservative Policy Summit at the Heritage Foundation January 12, 2015 in Washington, DC. The theme for the summit this year is ‘Opportunity for […]


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Analysts say Beijing was particularly unnerved by the role social media played in the Arab Spring and the 2009 Green Revolution in Iran, leading to a blackout for the service. – Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. and its licensors. All rights reserved.