New Delhi rapist on victim: ‘She should just be silent and allow rape’

by CNN // March 3, 2015 // Updated 09:47 GMT // 0 Comments

Mukesh Singh, a bus driver, was one of five men convicted in the 2012 gang rape case and sentenced to death by hanging. He and three others are appealing the sentence. Singh showed no remorse, for what he dubbed “an accident” that occurred on December 2012 to a BBC Storyville documentary crew. “A decent girl […]

Narendra Modi Replaces India’s Foreign Secretary With Envoy to U.S.

by The New York Times // January 29, 2015 // Updated 12:23 GMT // 0 Comments

NEW DELHI — Just days after the conclusion of a visit from President Obama that was widely seen as a success, India has abruptly removed its highest-ranking diplomat and replaced her with its ambassador to the United States, who served as a crucial interlocutor between New Delhi and Washington before the summit meeting. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar […]

This Week In Pictures: Faith In Practice Around The World, January 18 to 24

by The Huffington Post // January 25, 2015 // Updated 12:17 GMT // 0 Comments

Humans express their faith in a multitude of ways. These photos capture the incredible diversity within faith practices that happen in our world in the span of just one week. Budapest, Hungary: January 18 The choir of the Alexandrov Ensemble of the Russian army performs during a ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation […]

New Documentary Shows What Happens When Sikh Captain American Hits The Streets Of New York

by The Huffington Post // January 21, 2015 // Updated 23:05 GMT // 0 Comments

What if Captain America wore a turban and roamed the streets fighting intolerance? This is exactly the superhero cartoonist Vishavjit Singh envisioned when he created Sikh Captain America, who, unlike traditional comic heroes, specifically fights hate crime. Walking the streets of New York and other U.S. cities dressed in his superhero getup, Singh discovered that […]