Did ‘SNL’ ISIS skit cross a line?

It’s outrage time again.

This time it’s over a “Saturday Night Live” commercial parody that aired over the weekend. The subject (take a deep breath and prepare to be shocked): ISIS. Yes, that barbaric terrorist group was ridiculed in a parody of a Toyota Camry commercial.

The original Toyota ad depicted a father driving his daughter to the airport. He then tearfully says goodbye as his daughter heads off to join the U.S. Army.

In the “SNL” parody, the daughter is played by Dakota Johnson, star of the hugely successful S&M film “50 Shades of Grey.” (Good to see America has gotten over being offended by the mainstreaming of S&M.) As the parody commercial ends, however, it’s revealed that the daughter is not joining the Army, but ISIS.

I understand that some will be offended by political comedy with which they don’t agree. But in a time when freedom of expression is under attack, if you are offended by political satire on TV, then change the channel.

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