Travel photos that defy perspective

by CNN // October 30, 2014 // Updated 16:36 GMT // 0 Comments

Bored with taking the same, tired poses at monuments on their trip to Egypt in 2010, Alla Shubina and her husband began tinkering with perspective to create clever, funny photos. They left Egypt with some memorable pictures and the start of a new travel tradition. “The tour guides take you to certain areas to take […]

Bode Miller: Ski star’s horse racing dream

by CNN // October 30, 2014 // Updated 12:37 GMT // 0 Comments

“The people in horse racing don’t see it at all. They think it’s crazy, they think it’s like voodoo and magic, and for us it’s just normal stuff.” In Miller’s experience, success can be achieved by the smallest of margins. Winless for two years and dogged by injury, it was a heart-in-mouth moment when he […]

Avian Flu Fast Facts

by CNN // October 29, 2014 // Updated 16:21 GMT // 0 Comments

The official name for the most commonly seen and most deadly form of the virus is called “Influenza A (H5N1),” or the “H5N1 virus.” In March 2013, a strain of bird flu previously not seen in humans – H7N9 – was detected in China. People have killed hundreds of millions of birds around the world […]

Gino Bartali: The man who helped save Italy’s Jews

by CNN // October 29, 2014 // Updated 12:26 GMT // 0 Comments

In the 1930s, Bartali, a son of Tuscany, was one of the leading cyclists in the world, a man admired by all. He had won three Giro d’Italia titles — one of the three major European cycling events — in addition to his triumph at the 1938 Tour de France and was very much the […]

Lisa Ling: The dangerous seduction of a rich boyfriend

by CNN // October 28, 2014 // Updated 13:31 GMT // 0 Comments

A lot of my friends, however, were beginning to settle down and I started to feel like something was wrong with me for not being able to even fathom doing the same. That’s not to say I wasn’t happy with where I was: I loved my work and I loved the woman I had become. […]

test for fb

by The Huffington Post // October 23, 2014 // Updated 21:15 GMT // 0 Comments

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Glamour and grieving: How the Victorians dressed for death

by CNN // October 22, 2014 // Updated 13:34 GMT // 0 Comments

During the Victoria era, mourning rivaled weddings in terms of pomp, etiquette and fashiona theme explored at the latest exhibition at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire focuses on the boom years of the mourning industry, from 1815 to 1915, when the rich and middle […]

Oscar Pistorius: Reeva Steenkamp: Model, law graduate

by CNN // October 21, 2014 // Updated 10:01 GMT // 0 Comments

Pistorius has admitted to shooting Steenkamp but says he mistook her for an intruder. The judge ruled that he’ll serve a maximum five-year prison term for the killing, to run concurrently with a three-year sentence — suspended for five years — on the gun charge. Beauty and brains Before she started dating Pistorius, Steenkamp was […]

I’m a feminist and I converted to Islam

by CNN // October 14, 2014 // Updated 12:47 GMT // 0 Comments

I am a Muslim, but I wasn’t always. I converted to Islam in November 2001, two months after 9/11. I was 21 and living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was a bad time to be a Muslim. But after four years of studying, poking and prodding at world religions and their adherents, I decided to […]

Creating the sound of showjumping: ‘Microphones on anything that moves’

by CNN // October 10, 2014 // Updated 10:56 GMT // 0 Comments

Baxter is best-known for his work at the Olympic Games, tackling the timbre of dozens of disciplines to captivate global audiences, winning multiple Emmy Awards. He is the man who first gave you the sound of arrows fizzing through the air in archery, thanks to his brainwave of microphones between the archer and the target. […]

Princess Haya: Equestrian’s Olympic savior moving on

by CNN // September 29, 2014 // Updated 12:00 GMT // 0 Comments

One of very few women to occupy such a prominent position within the Olympic movement, Haya is the subject of a warm, impromptu tribute from Pearson. “She’s brought inclusion from many countries that thought equestrianism was kind of elitist,” says the 10-time Paralympic champion. “She’s kept us in the Olympics by making sure London was […]

40 reasons why ‘SNL’ is still awesome

by CNN // September 26, 2014 // Updated 16:26 GMT // 0 Comments

From the beginning, “SNL” was both cutting-edge comedy and a throwback to TV’s golden era. The show aired live: no retakes, no second chances. Though there’s plenty of taped materialand an occasional delay in case of profanityit still airs live today. “From New York” Also like those golden age shows, it airs from New York. […]

Climate change: ‘I’m on the front lines of this crisis’

by CNN // September 22, 2014 // Updated 13:00 GMT // 0 Comments

Brenwho described himself as being “on the front lines of the this crisis”will be one of the most important people to attend Sunday’s People’s Climate March, which is expected to draw more than 100,000 protestors ahead of United Nations climate summit on Tuesday. He’s essential to the international climate conversation for two reasons. One, he’s […]

World Equestrian Games: Sights, sounds and groundbreaking hounds

by CNN // September 11, 2014 // Updated 12:45 GMT // 0 Comments

The driver is by no means alone: in the marathon, two teammates ride on the back of their carriage, shifting their weight as though riding a superbike rather than a souped-up stagecoach. Nobody drives a carriage quite like Boyd Exell. The Australian has now won three world titles in a row, mastering not only the […]

Insider Guide: Best of Toulouse

by CNN // September 11, 2014 // Updated 05:51 GMT // 0 Comments

North west of the city are the airport and the Airbus factorya must for aviation geeks. Hotels Luxury Grand Hotel de l’Opera For those seeking opulence, the Grand Hotel delivers. Smack-bang in the center of the old town, in the main square in front of the Opera, this traditional favorite is for people who like […]

While India’s girls are aborted, brides are wanted

by CNN // September 4, 2014 // Updated 02:59 GMT // 0 Comments

In India’s conservative society, remaining a bachelor is not an option. A new bride would help his parents, he says. “They would have had an easier life. They would have had someone to cook and to take care of them.” She should clean. She should run the household. She should bear children. And Narinder plans […]

After 8 months of conflict, what’s next for Ukraine?

by CNN // August 26, 2014 // Updated 18:44 GMT // 0 Comments

It’s hard to imaginebut truethat the raging conflict between Ukraine and Russia, or at least Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels, all started with a humble trade agreement. As tensions run high over a Russian aid convoy described by Western leaders as a provocative incursion, reports of direct Russian military activity inside Ukraine and Ukrainian fears of […]

Should Western nations just pay ISIS ransom? (Opinion)

by CNN // August 22, 2014 // Updated 21:45 GMT // 0 Comments

Much of this revenue reportedly comes from France. French media reported that the government had paid 20 million euros (about $28 million) for the release of four employees of a French nuclear firm. They were held by an al Qaeda affiliate for three years in northern Niger and were released last year. The French government […]

Lance Armstrong: ‘Day-to-day life is positive

by CNN // August 20, 2014 // Updated 12:19 GMT // 0 Comments

The Armstrong lie, or liesthere have been countlessplus the bullying and the betrayal … he knows it has laid him bare to all manner of abuse. Call it what you will, but in his words what ensued was a “shit storm, a fall from grace, a disgrace.” And, to put it bluntly, “there is a […]

Jet fuel turned green?

by CNN // July 7, 2014 // Updated 09:23 GMT // 0 Comments

“Different countries grow different crops. They have different refineries in place. Sustainability isn’t just about reducing emissions in the air. We have to consider the whole life-cycle in terms of production,” he notes. Going the distance Long-haul flights make up 80% of aviation’s CO2 emissions. As a result, cutting down the carbon footprint for these […]

Extraordinary play brings Anne Frank’s secret world to life

by CNN // June 25, 2014 // Updated 14:37 GMT // 0 Comments

It’s hoped the productionwhich features lavishly designed sets that revolve and glide across a giant panoramic stagewill bring the story of the young Jewish diarist to a new generation. No expense has been spared. MORE: Wurlitzer wizards bring the music back to Amsterdam’s art deco marvel Intensely realistic stage sets Two of Holland’s best known […]

The hidden beauty of airport runways, and how to decipher them

by CNN // June 19, 2014 // Updated 11:36 GMT // 0 Comments

Flying Fonts Airports use a specialized font to number their runways. It’s highly geometric, which eliminates confusing curves and can be reduced to simple schematics, making it easy for groundskeepers lacking typographic training to recreate. The font apparently has no name, but the numbers are called “runway designators” in pilot parlance. Read more: Picasso’s ‘Blue […]

1964 Civil Rights Act Fast Facts

by CNN // June 18, 2014 // Updated 17:02 GMT // 0 Comments

November 22, 1963 – Lee Harvey Oswald assassinates President John F. Kennedy. November 27, 1963 – President Lyndon B. Johnson, speaking before a Joint Session of Congress, says, “No memorial oration or eulogy could more eloquently honor President Kennedy’s memory than the earliest possible passage of the civil rights bill for which he fought so […]

Exploring the world’s first 12 heritage sites

by CNN // June 16, 2014 // Updated 11:30 GMT // 0 Comments

Checking off the world’s most important natural and cultural wonders can be a herculean task. The World Heritage List — that most lauded and recognizable of preservation lists — includes over 1,000 sites all over the world. That number will almost certainly increase when the World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and […]

11 coolest towns in the Philippines

by CNN // May 22, 2014 // Updated 16:38 GMT // 0 Comments

Some locals cope with the heat by hitting the sugary beaches. Others turn air-conditioned malls into their second living room. Then there are those who seek refuge in the upland barangays (villages), such as Bucari in Leon or Mantalongon in Dalaguete, where the elevation offsets the Philippines’ equatorial warmth. In its provincial boondocks, the Philippines […]

United Nations Security Council Fast Facts

by CNN // April 8, 2014 // Updated 16:15 GMT // 0 Comments

There are five permanent members: the United States, the Russian Federation, France, China, and the United Kingdom. Ten temporary members elected by the General Assembly for two-year terms. In 2014, the rotating members of the Security Council are Argentina, Australia, Luxembourg, South Korea, and Rwanda. – UNSC Authority & Power:All Members of the United Nations […]

Barcelona maintains momentum but Bayern Munich finally drops points

by CNN // March 29, 2014 // Updated 23:44 GMT // 0 Comments

With time running out, referee Clos Gomez ruled that Espanyol’s Javi Lopez handled in the area and Messi made no mistake from the spot. Lopez then had to play goalkeeper after Francisco Casilla’s handball outside the area stopped a Messi shot in the 83rd minute. Casilla was shown a straight red and Espanyol had already […]

Costa Concordia: How ill-fated cruise liner was raised

by CNN // September 17, 2013 // Updated 11:23 GMT // 0 Comments

More than 500 people have been working around the clock on the rescue, which is being overseen by Florida-based Titan Salvage and the Italian firm Micoperi. The final bill will be at least $400 million, according to the salvage project’s website. – READ: How cruise ship tragedy transformed an island paradise

Rijksmuseum reborn: Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ explained

by CNN // April 12, 2013 // Updated 15:08 GMT // 0 Comments

“Everything has changed, the only thing that hasn’t is ‘The Night Watch’,” explains Wim Pijbes, the museum’s director. “It is the altarpiece of the Rijksmuseum, the whole place is arranged around this beautiful masterpiece.” – Click on the picture above to reveal the artwork’s secrets.

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